Sunspot cycle forecast and planetary correlations
by Jan Benestad at

Analysis of solar cycle history

First a look at the three main cycles

Here is monthly sunspot number since year 1700, seen from Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions and oppositions.
We see that high solar activity is higher before a conjunction/opposition, and lower after.

Next is the Jupiter cycle. Here the distribution is more unclear, but this cycle is more helpful than what we see at the first look (after all the sunspot-cycle is mainly about Jupiter).

And the last one is the tidal cycle, of allignments of Jupiter+Venus+Earth. Notice the ~2 year interval that ALLWAYS has solar activity. Also wee see an interval of low activity (the exception is SC4). Allthough this is a powerful cycle (the strongest), I so far find it as the least helpful one in explaining/predicting solar cycles...

Step 2 is examing each of the three cycles, and divide them into groups.
I will show that the solar cycle can be in or out of phase with the 10yr JuSa cycle. So we have two groups of cycles (or 4 groups when we look more in detail).
There are 3 groups in the 12yr Jupiter cycle.
And the 11yr tidal cycle has 2 or 3 groups (not sure how useful they are yet)

more coming...

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